Professor Brain’s approach to learning encourages people to use their whole brain instead of breaking mental function into left or right brain activities, increasing attentional flexibility to improve the intellectual and creative faculties of children and adults.

How we pay attention and what we choose to pay attention to is what makes the difference. Professor Brain starts by analyzing how you process information and use your time, then makes recommendations that offer you alternative attentional strategies that can help you attain peak performance!

One of the greatest challenges of modern life is dealing with the sheer quantity of information that comes our way, and this new approach, based on established neuroscience research, offers strategies for organizing and filtering it. Professor Brain is here to help you increase how much you take in and where it comes from, without adding to your cognitive workload.

Professor Brain provides educational services -- mentoring, tutoring, classes, seminars and workshops -- to improve your performance in the fields of language, mathematics, logic, and computer programming, including ways to organize your daily workflow.

For information on how to get started on the path to clearer thinking, contact us at:

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